DoveSoft UK  offer a full Web Design service from prototyping a design to meet your requirements, through to web programming using languages such as PHP and javascript. We explain and offer services for emerging technologies such as Cloud computing where customer data is stored and processed exclusively on the internet.

For Office users, we also offer Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Google Drive software development and training. We market "off the shelf" spreadsheet and database solutions which you can easily adapt and save you both money and time, and also explain how to use Office software with the Internet.

This section of our site explains some of the software design products that we regularly use.

Although many people are familiar and confident with the Microsoft Office family of products less than 5% use their full power. Very often customers are unaware how the different Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Access, Word and Outlook can be linked to provide a total business solution.

Similarly, Libre Office is a powerful office suite and its clean interface and its powerful tools let you unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. LibreOffice embeds several applications that make it the most powerful free and open source Office suite on the market.

Google Drive is an office suite that works in the "cloud" and again is free to use. It is not as powerful as Microsoft and Libre Office but again we can demonstrate and show you how to use it effectively.

DoveSoft UK also design and develop web sites using a wide range of products. For example, we developed this site in less than half a day using WordPress and can explain and demonstrate the technology used to get this type of site on the web. WordPress can operate as a content management system which means you can allow different users to access and update the site so it need not be your exclusive responsibility. Of course there are other content management systems we also use such as Joomla which we can offer if required.

We also offer web design and training for other products such as CoffeeCup Site Designer, Xara Designer Pro and PineGrow often containing information sourced from Office applications. Your web design software need not be expensive and we can explain the costs, pros and cons of various products.

"Before using DoveSoft, we did not realise how different software packages could be made to work together so effectively."

- Lichfield Fencing and Gates 


"I was really pleased that DoveSoft helped us to understand internet technology and recommend a cheap web design software package for the family to use."

 - Mrs. Hallis, Darwin Park

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