Installing Instant WordPress

Instant WordPress turns any Windows or macOS machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key

1. Visit the Instant WordPress site.

Visit the Instant WordPress website.

Typically, click the Download InstantWP for Windows button as shown in the below screen extract and the file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

2. Installing Instant WordPress

Unzip the downloaded file and extract to a new folder such as InstantWP which can be on your local drive or a USB drive.

All the required files for WordPress, the Apache web server and MySQL database should then be installed. Note that the Apache web server and MySQL database will only be available to the version of Instant WordPress installed in the extract folder

3. Starting Instant WordPress

The following file structure should be created in your nominated folder. Double click file Start-InstantWP.bat to start Instant WordPress. You can, of course, create a Desktop shortcut to the file if required.

4. Running Instant WordPress.

In the dialog box below, click the WordPress Admin button and enter a username of admin and password of password in the next screen. You will then be taken to your local WordPress installation which is identical as the full online version of WordPress Org.

If you have already created your Instant WordPress web site, click the WordPress Frontpage button to view it. By default, Instant WordPress normally starts in Internet Explorer but you can copy and paste from the IE address bar to a browser of your choice if required. The Plugins Folder and Themes Folder buttons allow you to view the plugins and themes stored in your Instant WordPress installation.The MySQL Admin button is very useful if you want to view or update the tables created by your Instant WordPress installation, and the Documentation button allows viewing of the operational WordPress docs.

The Instant WordPress installation can only be viewed on your local machine. When satisfied with your local WordPress site, it can be transferred to your web host, typically using a WordPress plugin such as Duplicator.

Instant WordPress is free to use, but DoveSoft encourage you to buy the e-book InstantWP Unleashed to support further development. The e-book contains extensive additional information on using the Duplicator plugin with IWP.


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