This page demonstrates the WordPress wpDataTables plugin using a snapshot of data from a worksheet exported from Excel, and which provides a simpler online alternative to traditional databases. Once imported into WordPress, the table is stored in the same  MySQL database containing the WordPress application and, at the discretion of the site administrator, may be updated by nominated Users from within this page. Data can be imported from several sources but at this stage, it is NOT recommended to use Google Sheets as its data can only be updated from within Google Sheets and there can be a 15 minute time lapse before the data is presented to the web page. We have successfully created tables from Excel and CSV (comma separated variable) files and a wpDataTable using an MySQL query.  Note that adding a sum in sum row for formula columns is not yet supported.

IMPORTANT - The chart below is derived from the above table and should update automatically when the table values are changed. The table values can only be updated from a revised Excel worksheet. To change the chart type, you must update using wpDataCharts and after update, copy the shortcode to this page. This chart has been rendered using the chart.js render engine. Note that the three engines display different chart types and parameters, and follow data filtering must be selected to allow interactive update.

Experiment with the various icons and update the data table values to appreciate the value of this resource. For example, the columns icon in the administrator allows omission of columns from the display, or users can filter on any column by entering a filter value. Finally, click the Excel icon to download the updated table as an Excel spreadsheet.